A Platform for
        Continuous Business Impact Analysis
 Bringing critial business Context to decisions across your Cybersecurity Operations.
Conflict – Risk – Knowledge – Decisions

Empower Your SOC
with Comprehensive Intelligence

Considering Risk in terms of only Threats and Vulnerabilities is Incomplete

Comprehensive Risk Intelligence includes specific Consequences to the Business

Actionable Intelligence identifies relevant Countermeasures, their costs, effectiveness, and potential impact

DECYSIS™ is the first platform to fully integrate all aspects of Cyber Risk Intelligence

Experience the Power of Decisive Security Operations with DECYSIS

Bring Immediate Context to Incident Response

DECYSIS™ provides real-time answers to the What Imperatives™:

What Aspects of the Business may be impacted?
What Stakeholders need to be notified?
What else is this Adversary up to?
What Countermeasure Options exist, and at what cost?
What are their Potential Impacts on the business?

Freeing hours of Analysts' Time,
      Prioritizing Attention on What Matters Most,
           Informing and Accelerating Decisions on Response Actions

Communicate Risk Clearly and Timely
across all Stakeholders

Tactical... Operational... Strategic.

Highlight which business-critical Information is at Risk
Expose the Business Processes that are at Risk
Discover the Lines of Business at Risk
Explain which Products and Services are at Risk
Identify which Stakeholders are at Risk

Take Your SOC to the Next Level

Proactively, and Dynamically Inform your Risk Mitigation Planning and Investments:

Cyber Security Monitoring and Enforcement points and technologies,
Cyber Defense priorities, tactics, techniques, and procedures
Business Continuity strategy and tactics,
Continuity of Operations plans and procedures